Day 28 of my Paleo journey

Hey everyone!  Just checking in with you all to let you know that my Paleo journey has been really good, and I have been pretty diligent about following a good track without too many cheats.  So what exactly are my moments I break down on?  Well, surprisingly it’s not the darn bagel that I have been wanting – oh ok, I had a 1/2 bagel about 10 days ago!  Truthfully, the hardest thing for me to give up is cheese.  I do really well, however, there is no way I’m having a burger without cheese on it, nor am I going to have eggs without a little sprinkle on top.  Giving up other dairy products isn’t such a chore for me, though I did have to switch to coconut milk in the beginning for my daily cup of coffee.  And with the grains?  I have enjoyed learning some new recipes to bake up that help with that craving.  Legumes? Meh, those things never agree with me anyway, so no loss there.  But wine?  Ha! Yea, not happening.  I like a glass at the end of the day, and never gave that up through this journey.

I know you all want to know, how much weight did I lose? Well, let’s talk about that.  First, the numbers… I started off around 138 lbs.  I say around, because I fluctuate with water weight so easily.  I swear one minute I’m 138, then the next 140.  How does that happen?  Because I’m female.  We do that.

Today I weigh 129 lbs (give or take a lb.)  I did an Irish jig (not really) to see the scale hit below 130!  So, is this weight stuff the real focus for me? NO.  Actually, I took pictures, which really helped me see the difference.  It wasn’t so much in pounds that mattered, but rather some shape that had begun to look nicer.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally, FINALLY lose some weight.  I’ve tried changing my workout routines for over a year now, tried ramping up my workouts and saw no results.  This was proof that the food I was putting in had to change.  Eating real/whole foods is delicious, but the wheat and dairy intake was getting out of control.  I didn’t fully realize the road I was on until I saw my before and after photos as well as scale results.

Will I continue?  Of course!  Not just to keep with the results I’ve seen, but I actually feel better and I’m never bloated.  Though this is a difficult transition for me, mostly due to food planning, it is one that I feel works well and keeps me on a healthy track.  I’m turning 40 this year, and I have told my family my goal is to be “40 and fabulous!”  It’s what keeps me focused when I’m power walking and thinking of slowing down.

If you are on a journey such as this, how is it going for you?  


9 thoughts on “Day 28 of my Paleo journey

    1. Hey there Carol! I just hit several sites for new recipes, one I really like is The Paleo Mom (, as she sees the science behind the diet. Also, there is PaleOMG for some pretty tasty recipes. But I do scan Pinterest for a lot of the recipes as well. Most important thing is to make sure you are getting good nutrients, so planning meals out can help with that.

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