French Toast Muffins – Paleo

Paleo French Toast Muffins

Lately, I have been viewing breakfast as the most difficult meal of the day eating Paleo. I’m not interested in eating eggs THAT much – no matter what the form. And egg whites are quite tasty, but again, it’s eggs. Paleo pancakes are a great change in flavor, but I know they are made primarily of eggs! And a smoothie on a chilly morning, as wonderful as they taste, makes me shiver  to even think of drinking it. Give me a cup of coffee or tea to start please!

Do you see where the problem is? I love love love baked goods in the morning and so much that if I don’t keep something like this in the house, I will cheat on forbidden foods. I attempted these delicious heavy muffins, just because the title alone made me crave french toast.

This recipe is not sweet, but it is sure wonderful in flavor and fills me up, (along with a piece of fruit to accompany it.) I tested it out on my kids and at first it was a no-go for them. Sure! They want sugar, but I am training their young minds to not have such a strong desire for sweets, so it’s a process. After day two, they did eventually decide that the muffins were tasty!

As this is not my recipe, I must pass the credit to a site – What I Gather.  Thank you Tarah for a great recipe!


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