DIY Valentine Bracelet

Valentine bracelet

Last week we had a few snow days, and found ourselves with too much time on our hands! Good problem to have, except my daughter was getting a little stir crazy. Some of the roads were no good to drive on, but the ones to the local craft store was, so off we went! Sometimes I can truly be a fool and literally walk for an hour around the store looking for a craft, but this time I came prepared knowing what we were going to make. Of course we found it on Pinterest, where else??

The original plan was to make this bracelet for everyone in her class at school as a gift, but after making just one, we had had it. It’s not that the craft is too difficult, but it’s just plain sticky, and I found myself washing the needle many times just to keep it workable. BIG TIP: Microwave the jelly beans for 15 seconds just to soften enough to work with. 

BTW… did anyone notice the one odd shaped looking heart?  My daughter wanted to bite before I got my camera out in time. 🙂


  • Heart shaped jelly beans
  • Tapestry Needles
  • Transparent Stretch Cord

Method: I am passing this amazing tutorial over to the original designer, Stuff Parents Need.  Thank you!!

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