Van Gogh Alive- Discovery Place

What?  No talk of food?  Not today, my friends!  This exhibit that I had the privilege of viewing, is just as good to the senses as food is to the palate.  Located at the very popular, Discovery Place in uptown Charlotte, hosts beautiful Van Gogh images that are synthesized onto large screens, strategically placed at various angles in the room, as well as on the floor and poles.  These “larger-than-life” masterpiece projections give you the visual sense of being in the painting; almost feeling how the artist felt at the time of creation.  With classical music piped into the room, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace, mystery, and adventure.  One could get swept up in emotion here… The biggest tug on my heart with the exhibit was the written letters and quotes that were imaged, showing his raw feelings.  Combined with the colorful projections and music, it was an incredible and emotional experience.
The colors, the sounds, the letters… Raw emotion.  The entire event was harmony on a plate.  Gorgeous.  Indescribable.

Just go see it for yourself, you will not be sorry that you did!

When I left the building, I was talking with someone who asked my thoughts on the exhibit.  I said that I wished I had a room at home with such imagery that was synchronized with music.  It would be the perfect place for a glass of wine, and some time to unwind.

WHICH brings me to the upcoming events you might be interested in!  (Click on the headline link to register.)

Van Gogh and Vino – Saturday, May 3rd – 5-8:30pm 

  • Join us for an exclusive opportunity to experience Van Gogh Alive and to participate in a BYOB workshop on texture painting in the style of Van Gogh, led by educators from The Mint Museum.

Vinyasa and Van Gogh – Friday, May 9th 7-9pm

  • Let the colors and sounds of Van Gogh Alive surround you as you flow through a series of yoga poses and breathing exercises to experience a balance of body, mind and art.
    Adam Whiting from Y2 Yoga and Big Horizon Yoga will lead a 75-minute Vinyasa yoga class in the gallery of Van Gogh Alive. This is an all-levels class. Participants should bring their own yoga mat.
    After the class, participants will have time to explore the exhibition itself. Water and light snacks will be provided, thanks to our friends at Earth Fare. Don’t forget to enter to win a basket of Earth Fare goodies!

Van Gogh Family Workshop – May 17 – multiple times, click here for details



2 thoughts on “Van Gogh Alive- Discovery Place

  1. Andrea, this was such a wonderful visual treat this morning… I agree, art can stimulate the senses as thoroughly as food. (By the way, I was listening to classical music when I opened your post… double treat!) What a wonderful place you’ve discovered… fabulous exhibit… thank you for sharing it. I love Van Gogh!

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