Chocolate Roses for Mother’s Day

White chocolate roses The Secret Chocolatier

Chocolate.  What is not to love?  This Mother’s Day, my favorite chocolatier in South Charlotte is creating the most unique gift!  Delicate chocolate roses.  Not just any style either.  Read the details below, (and how to order!)

This is not your ordinary rose. It’s chocolate and flowers all in one that are in full bloom at The Secret Chocolatier. Offered for Mother’s Day in white, yellow and brown hues, each petal is hand formed and brought together to create a fully chocolate, edible rose. Each rose is sold as a single long-stem, 1/2 dozen, or full dozen, and wrapped and packaged as a real rose would be. Cost: $15 a stem.

To order, contact The Secret Chocolatier at 704-323-8178, visit for online orders, or stop by their retail stores in Cotswold or Ballantyne.

Did you all catch that?  Each PETAL is hand formed… This is no simple stem rose mold they use.  It takes time to create these pretty treats!  I know. I’ve seen them in the store.

Now… to convince my husband to buy me one. 🙂Secret Chocolatier Roses


Disclaimer: The opinions of this post are my own. I was not given any compensation to review this company.  I just LOVE their products and stand by them. 


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