A Papa Murphy’s pizza tour and GIVEAWAYS!!


Papa Murphy's take n' bake

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking a tour within a Papa Murphy’s restaurant.  Well, I’m not sure I’d call it a restaurant, because it’s a “Take and Bake” kind of place.  With making plenty of pizzas at home, I never tend to hit these places, nor other pizza places for that matter.  However, since I was asked to come have a sneak peak of the work that goes on in the background, how could I refuse!  I love to see the workings within a store and learn from it as well.

What did I learn? I learned how I WISH I could own some of the equipment.  Seriously.  Ok, it’s probably a good thing I don’t own a dough sheeter, or I’d be making to many pizzas in our own home, and my kids would be begging me to stop.  How I love kitchen “toys!”

Oh, and just so you know, I looked up the cost of a sheeter.  And a Hobart.  And a cheese grater attachment for the Hobart.  Whoa.

Eh, not sure my kitchen could hold a Hobart.  What do you think? 😉

Papa Murphy's Hobart

So, going through the tour, we had watched the chef create a batch of dough.

And the owner, Chris, showed us how each size of pizza is measured out on the scale, then hand rolled and stored until ready.

Papa Murphy's Dough

From there, the chef showed us how to use the sheeter.  Did I mention that I want one of those?  Never going to happen, those are highly dangerous, and I have children in my home.  This piece of equipment had a Rated R sticker on it, meaning nobody under 18 can operate it.  Smart!

Papa Murphy's Somerset sheeter

From there, we saw a cool tomato slicing gadget that, again, I wish I owned.  That would save time in this house.  And then we moved back to the Hobart, this time with the cheese grater attachment put on.  This shreds cheese in a few seconds flat!  Cheese glorious cheese!!!

Papa Murphy's Cheese Grater Hobart

Lastly, we had the privilege of creating our own pizza.  Everything has a measuring cup or a scale to get the pizza style consistent each time with flavor.  There are so many choices, it could be overwhelming, but thankfully, they have all of the cheat sheets in front of the station, so I was able to have help with measurements.  Whew!  And thankfully, that is not how it works when you go in to create a pizza!  They do it for you, and you can just point and request.

Me at Papa Murphy's

When we were about to leave, they had given us some Mini Murph pizzas for my kids to bake at home.  My kids were thrilled when they saw they had personal kid sized pizzas for them to create on their own.  Of course, they were eager to get baking!

Would I recommend this place? Oh yes!!!  Everyone in my family was happy, so this is a thumbs up in my book.  All I have to say to the kids is, “who wants a Mini Murph?”  Applause and lots of hugs…

Papa Murphy's baked pizza

Thank you to the Papa Murphy’s team for taking time to teach me the workings within the store!

NOW for the giveaways!!

Papa Murphy’s has graciously provided me with sweet gift cards, and coupon cards!

  • 3 lucky winners for a free pizza (South Charlotte location only)
  • 1 lucky kiddo to get a free Mini Murph (South Charlotte location only)
  • 15 first writers will automatically receive a set of coupons (think… free cookie dough!) – Participating locations near you

All you have to do is say which kind of pizza do you think you would order?  Check out this link to see the types!

Winners will be contacted via email.  Restrictions to US residents only (sorry my overseas friends!)  See restrictions for first two coupons.

Drawings of names will be done through Randomizer and will be selected May 30, 2014.


The Chocolate Bottle Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. 


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