RAWR! Dinosaurs in Motion!


Yesterday, we had a wonderful experience at Discovery Place checking out some pretty cool dinosaurs.  Not the kind you are traditionally used to at the big museums, but something I would call even better!  Walking into the room, my kids and I were faced with a HUGE T-Rex – 44 feet to be exact, which was an excellent way to start exhibit.  At first my littlest one hid behind me, due to it’s sheer size, but then warmed up to the whole piece of art, just in awe of it.  As did I.  A great artist by the name of John Payne of Asheville, NC created these amazing beasts using recycled metal.  I cannot imagine the time it must have taken to weld these pieces together.  But I’m glad that he did, because these metal giants are not just a replication, but interactive works of art, and you can take your children to play with them!  The dinos are harnessed to pulley systems and connected to either levers or remote controls to direct their movements.  Hands down, this makes dinos more fun and less intimidating to children.

Opening day starts tomorrow, October, 4th at Discovery Place uptown in beautiful Charlotte, NC.  It is a free exhibit along with the normal museum admission. Don’t miss it, as the exhibit will only be around until January 15th.


Disclosure: I was given free admission to write this article.  The opinions of this feature are mine.

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