Fast of the Slow


This season of Lent, I have been focusing on a couple of personal challenges as I “fast” through the season.  I’m not a crazy food fasting person… I like to actually EAT my food.  Plus, I get really grouchy and mean if I don’t eat.  So, let’s just say, it’s to your benefit rather than mine that I fast on other things than food.

What have I been fasting on at this point? Last week, I had taken away Facebook from myself.  Was it a challenge?  Are you kidding??  That site is crazy addicting.  Everyone’s business is on there!  Kids are being born, questions are being asked of me, work is connected here, happy engagements were happening, sad news was posted on there – and then there is the the infamous dress question.  (Personally?  I saw the dress in white and gold – with the color varying under horrible lighting by the photographer.)  The day of the dress was the day I allowed myself to surf back onto Facebook as the week of fasting for this was over.  Relieved?  Well, sort of.  Except for the dress question – that, I could have done without.  I do like the discipline that came of it. (I only allowed myself to get on for work at the school.)  I do like that I found my creative side again as well as time.  Distractions of what person was doing what for the day was eliminated.  It made me realize my time management was FLAWED.  I have some personal discipline issues that I will clearly be addressing!

What is my fast this week?  I like this one because it is a serious challenge for me.  Not sure how it’s going to go, but I’ll report in next week with the update.  I call it the Fast of the Slow.  What can I do to slow down my fast paced lifestyle?  I’m not talking about driving slower – I tend to follow the rules in that department already.  I’m talking about in my kitchen first and foremost, but also in my home.  Slow.  We move too fast.  We get around doing so much near each other that we forget to take time for each other.  I hustle in the kitchen, getting breakfast out to the kids as fast as possible so that I can, what? Shove my stomach full faster?  Get on the internet and surf again?  Where am I going?  The Facebook fast made me see how much of my time was dedicated to the computer rather than my family, or friends!  So the “slow fast” is going to be a challenge in more ways that I think I’m prepared for.  Like I said, I’m excited about it!

This morning, I pulled out my old coffee maker.  My Keurig is dying anyway, so the timing is perfect.  (Plus I read up on some gross details about how clean it is – or lack thereof.)  I also found my old tea kettle.  The kind you sit on the stove – old school.  It made me smile thinking of my Grandmother and how she would pull out the teapot and it would sing a beautiful tune a few minutes later when the water was ready.  Slow.

To slow down like this will force my family to do the same as they wait patiently for breakfast, or coffee, or tea.  It’s still convenience, but in this day in age of fast, we miss things.  I watched my daughter study the 18 birds outside this morning as they fed, while I waited for a pot of grits to cook s-l-o-w-l-y on the stovetop.  I wouldn’t have noticed the joy on her face if I was busy looking at my computer – because my coffee would have already been brewed in 5 seconds and her grits would have been cooked in the microwave and she would be eating them.

Microwave – the ultimate time saver. This is my biggest challenge.  This is my real “fast” for the week.  I, like many, depend on the use of a microwave.  I’m curious to see how much of a snob I might become going old school and using a cooktop.  My food probably will taste a lot better!  Soup at work?  Guess I’m investing in a Thermos.  That or not eat a hot meal.  Going slow is going to affect every area of my life!  Am I freaked out? No.  I’m ready.  And for the days that I am not ready – there is God. I’m sure I will be asking for patience to build up stronger within from Him. This fast reminds me of God and his grace during this special season.  Seems funny that I need to go slow to gain more time.  Truly, by going so fast, I feel I miss the mark.  Beauty is missed.  God is missed.  Time is actually lost.

This is why I am fasting by going slow.  How are you fasting this season?


5 thoughts on “Fast of the Slow

    1. I definitely will let you know how it goes! It has already been difficult, but worthy. Last night I went on “automatic pilot” and began to reheat something in the microwave. Ahhhh! This will prove to be difficult. 🙂

  1. I went to church when I was little in a Roman Catholic church. Still have fond memories of it. Became a Christian at the age of 28 and now we go to a Non-Denominational church. Funny that Lent still strikes an important note with me. I like how it centers my focus with God again in the midst of life’s busyness. If you take the challenge, let me know how you do!

  2. Andrea, this was a thought-provoking, excellent post! I loved that you “saw the joy on your daughter’s face” — you’re right, moments like that are missed when we’re going too fast. Isn’t it ironic how ‘fast’ can mean both “speedy” or “to deprive yourself” — hmmmmm, there’s a message in that, which you expressed beautifully!

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