My wreath making season

Just a quick look at what my projects are at home soon!

The Chocolate Bottle

Living wreathsTraditions run strong in our family, and wreath making has never left my side.  I was a little girl when I learned how to make homemade living wreaths.  My Dad taught me, using Hemlock tree material (very forgiving on the hands – just sappy), how to wrap the greens tightly onto the wire frame.  While it’s not difficult to do, it’s painstakingly a long process, per wreath.  I have narrowed it down to about 1 hour per wreath, start to finish, including adding the decorations.  Wrapping the green boughs onto the frame, easy!  Cutting the boughs, on the other hand takes a bit of time and thought.  None of this bothers me while I’m in process of doing the job, just my back complains.  Thankfully this year, I have a chiropractor which has helped alleviate the upper back pain from too much leaning. Yay! (Yes, that was a plug, but I can’t stress…

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