Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Good morning my friends!  I’ve been meaning to post this article for quite some time now on how to make a Christmas wreath, and though this may be a week before Christmas, you can still take part in this fun project.  Better yet, this is a simple enough of a project for you to teach your children.  I had the wonderful privilege of spending each Christmas season binding a wreath with my Dad, and I thank him today for this gift he has taught to me.  My kids have also learned, and I pray they teach their children one day as well.

Some of you have seen me hashtag #oldfashionedChristmas, and maybe you have picked up on why I have been doing this.  Each Christmas our family makes a point of picking out a live Christmas tree, stringing lights on the tree (VERY time consuming – and an art if you ask me.) We take time to decorate the tree.  We make several wreaths that go out to family members as a gift. We string lights on the outside of the house (family time.)  We decorate the inside of the house as a family.  We go see the tree lighting downtown Waxhaw – and also watched our daughter perform on stage with her dance group she is a part of.  We hit antique stores and see old Santa statues of years past.  It’s very nostalgic and wonderful, but more importantly, the common theme is TIME.  Our society runs fast and the season can truly get away from us if we’re not careful.  Even if you are thinking right now, , I have let Christmas get away.  No you have not.  It’s a week away and you can make it a glorious week to remember – and the week after!  Today, have some fun, get your supplies for this project, and work together joyfully (as you get sap all over your hands) as a family learning a new craft.  Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wreath Making (craft gifted to me from Donald Gill – my father)

  • 18″ wire wreath ring (Michaels sells 3 different sizes)
  • green wire wrap
  • leftover greens cut from bottoms of Christmas trees (and you can add other types of greens too)
  • ribbon (or a pre-made bow)
  • pinecones
  • decorations to add to wreath (optional)
  • wire cutters
  • cutting plier to cut greens


Step 1 –  Cut sections of green (with cutting pliers), making them 7-10 inch long.  Try to get both thick branches and small thin branch sections for variety. This is a messy job, “lotta sap in here!” I work in the garage or the back yard if nice outside to keep messes outside.

Cut Greens for wreath


Step 2- Set up work area to have sections of green that look nice together, ready to go so it’s faster to string.

Christmas Wreath Tutorial Sections

Step 3- Set wire ring out, and take green wire – wrap end of wire 3-4 times to secure the start of making a wreath

Wire ring

Step 4- Taking a section of greens (4-5 pieces), place bundle with base of the bundle on top of ring where the wire is wrapped and ready.  Wrap TIGHTLY 3-4 times around base of bundle. (But not so tight that you damage the wire ring.)

Wrap GreensStep 5- Grab another bundle and place halfway on top of the base of the previous bundle.  Wrap wire to secure new bundle down – again 3-4 times will you wrap each bundle down.

Green Wreath

Step 6- Continue the whole way around the ring.  The final bundle is the hardest part, as you have to work underneath the very first bundle you have secured, and this is where a tight wrap makes all the difference.

Last Section of Wreath

Step 7- Cut wire off a few inches extra, and secure underneath wreath on the wire ring.  I secure with a few loops.

Secure wire on wreath

Step 8- Decorate your wreath by attaching bow in the weakest looking spot of the wreath. This spot is usually the connection point of the start and finish part of the wreath.  Attach all other pretty ornaments or cranberry and pinecones to dress up the wreath.  Pinecones can be strung on using that green wire and wrapping it inside the cone.

Christmas Wreath Tutorial


Step 9- Hang that wreath and show a spotlight on it to show it off!  Merry Christmas!


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