Valentine’s Day – Why Do We Celebrate?

I know people that do and do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, and to me, it’s a personal preference type of holiday.  I absolutely adore this holiday and our kids do too.  My husband used to disagree and call it a Hallmark holiday, which there is some merit to that statement.  However, I must politely disagree with those that call it this, and here is why.

This holiday is not just hearts, roses, candies and flowers that I throw together just to remind them that I love them.  And it’s also not about this history behind the holiday.  Though, if you have taken the time to read about St. Valentine, well, you are in for a real treat (or two.)  Both of these things are not the reflection of the holiday that I’m talking about.

I use this time to rebalance our relationship within our home.  We have decorations throughout, from January 14th-February 15th, to remind us that the holiday is coming up.  And the last two weeks, for both my husband and I, we have found ourselves buried under a heap of work.  This is a great example of how critical it is for both of us to be reminded of what is important.  Without solid foundation within the home, we cannot give outwardly to others in need of love as well.  Our home is rooted in God, His love.

His love.  That is what Valentine’s Day is about – a reflection of Jesus, and the great sacrifice He has made – His love for us.  Did we not just think about this during Christmas? Absolutely! Do we rejoice during Easter?  Yes!  So, why do we not reflect on His love during Valentine’s Day?  I think this is a perfect time to do so. What better timing than in the middle of a cold season, where we “hunker down” during the cold months, perhaps spending many hours working, sending our kids to activities, and then use too much time by the TV or on our tech devices, during the evenings.  It’s a great break in the cold season to stop – reflect on His love – and give it outwardly to our loved ones and friends, and perhaps beyond to those in need.  His love.

I keep saying His love because that what we all need, and that’s all He wants to give.

Me with Flowers
Photo Credit: Joy Fisk

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