A Valentine Treat Recap

In our home, we love celebrating Valentine’s Day!  But not for the reasons that you think; if you missed yesterday’s posting, stop by and check it out.  In our home, the kids and I make the sweets instead of buying them – that is – unless I’m having a lazy type of holiday.  I had fun researching what types of projects I had worked on in the years past, and it made me appreciate why I keep my blog running, even if I don’t find enough time these days to do so.  This year, I believe I’m going to make scones and somehow dress them up to make it fitting for the day, but that remains to be seen on “how.”  Why scones?  Why not?  Actually, I made a batch for a group of people and the reviews came back that they were heavenly.  Some people even said they were the best scones they had ever had, so that must be saying something!  Truth be told, my family was so jealous when I walked out the door with this beautiful batch of scones, and didn’t even get one bite.  So I owe it to them to make a batch.

Enough rambling – break out the recap!!  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!!

Goat Cheese TrufflesGoat Cheese Truffles – what better way to say, “hey honey, I love you, and I know you love goat cheese! And chocolate!”  True story, I made these for a dinner party, and found my husband eating the leftovers (straight from the bowl, not even rolled up!) and thought, hmmm, there must be something to these little devilishly amazing bites!  These chocolates keep you coming back for more.  Great for a “la-tee-da” type of person, or someone you just want to impress. 🙂  You’re welcome.


Red Velvet MadeleinesRed Velvet Madeleines – Need a Valentine Day breakfast that will impress?  Try these little delights!  Perfect compliment with a nice cup of tea, or hot chocolate.  You and your sweet other will enjoy this as a nice change of pace.  Also great for a dessert at the end of the day, especially after a heavy dinner.  Want to jazz it up?  Serve it with vanilla ice cream.



Chocolate Strawberry ShortcakeChocolate heart shortcakeChocolate Waffles with Strawberries – Seriously, words cannot describe how amazing this breakfast can be.  Or dinner, should you decide to mix it up.  I have two pictures here because I made it the shortcut method with pre-made chocolate waffles, while my lovely blogging friend in Oklahoma showed an even better way to make them if you have the time and equipment.  Here is her link to make her fancy waffles.



Chocolate Covered Strawberries – a classic, and yet people still buy these rather than try to make them.  Friends, they are not difficult.  Plus your loved one will love you for trying to make them instead of buying them.  Trust me.  If you don’t believe me, look at who is making them in my pictures of that particular blog post.  My kids, when they were tiny!  Don’t like strawberries, roll some raspberries instead, they are a true delight as well.


Finished CakeHidden Hearts Cake – Remember when hiding pictures in a cake was all the rage?  Is it still a thing? I’m not sure, but it’s still fun to create, especially for your kids.  Enjoy the tale of my crazy adventure with making this cake. You will definitely get a laugh.




DIY Valentine Bracelet – This is a fun little project that you can create with the kids.  I definitely recommend following the instructions to make it work.  Seems simple enough, but can be a bit tricky if not careful.  Enjoy!




Valentine Cake Pops – I have found myself rolling into a Starbucks buying my kids these sweet bites, and each time I think, “ridiculous what I am paying for these when I know how much it costs to make them!! TONS of them.”  Are they difficult to make? Not if you follow the rules.  And your freezer is your friend when it comes to setting up the cake with the frosting.  I recommend making a red velvet cake with a dark chocolate outer coating – the best!

That’s it for now!  You can search my site for more delights, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(No bake) Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

This dessert is a total cheat and that’s why I like it.  It’s perfect for days you feel lazy or for my non baking friends!  Better yet?  You can doctor it up so many different ways with different fruit, chocolate syrup, raspberry syrup, or like a banana split style,  if you like!

The main delight – the chocolate waffle.  Don’t go away you non bakers!   I BOUGHT the waffles in the bread section of the grocery store.   So there you are, in a snap, a great dessert and it takes no effort on your part…except to design it to your liking.  Enjoy!!

1.  Chocolate waffles (bread section, non refrigerated nor frozen)

2. Strawberries (or other fruit of your choice)

3. Cool Whip

4. Garnish (I used mocha hazelnut crunchies)


Chocolate covered strawberries…

What’s not to love?  This post, another brief one, is just to show you what kind of goodies you can make easily on your own.  Nothing says “I love you” more than chocolate covered strawberries.  And the great thing is that even your kids can get involved in this event.  (Who said they need to be perfect??)  Two years ago, I had my children make dipped strawberries and they had a great time.  Did they look pretty…eh, not so much, but they were homemade!

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in store bought gifts, as they look perfect and it’s easy.  As a parent and a wife, I love it when my family takes the time to make a gift.  It means they took THEIR time, and that means so much to me.  I’m sure all of you love it when someone takes time out of their day to think carefully about what you would like.

Dipped strawberries?  Simple!!  You’ll laugh at this one…

  1. Clean strawberries with a damp paper towel, do not wash them under water!
  2. Lay down waxed paper on a baking sheet
  3. Melt chocolate, and this is where I will recommend the chocolate melts by Wilton, sold at craft stores.  It’s key that you don’t burn the chocolate!  1 minute 1/2 power, then stir, another minute 1/2 power.  Usually that’s all it takes.  However, each microwave is different.  (make sure the bowl is microwavable, otherwise you heat the bowl, not the chocolate.)
  4. Carefully dip each strawberry in the chocolate.  If you twist your hand at the end (like catching the wine droplet off a bottle), there will be a swirled end to it.   Place strawberry on waxed paper.
  5. While strawberry is wet, it’s a perfect time to put sprinkles or chocolate chips on them.
  6. If you want to do the second chocolate effect like shown above, let chocolate completely dry and melt a few discs of a color chocolate of your choice.
  7. Take a cup, and put an open baggie in it (rim around the edges).  Place warm chocolate inside baggie.  Cut the tip on the corner of the baggie.  The bigger the cut, the less control you will have on the drizzle.
  8. Squeeze chocolate gently out the tip.  Good to practice on some waxed paper first if you are aiming for “the” look.  But remember, chocolate is chocolate!  It’s all good in the end!


Chocolate covered Strawberry Christmas tree

photo courtesy of Good Taste - Australia

I am willing to bet that this is harder than it looks!  However, I must say it looks beautiful and I might have to try this for the family gathering, Christmas day.  Anyone else willing to try?  If so, please take pictures and send them to me.  I’ll get them posted on here for you!!

Check out the instructions on how to make this!

Strawberry Christmas Tree