Where am I today, and what about you?

The very last time I had written in, I was on a different direction to learn photography. And let me tell you; it’s been quite the journey.

I look back at my work where I kept applying for modeling jobs for my littlest while doing the photography, and was repeatedly rejected. Leaving my hanging jaw open, wondering what was so wrong with my work? I’m great, right?! And then I started to dive deeper into the editing side of things only to realize – I was TERRIBLE at it. I was deluding myself into believing I was pretty good at this stuff and would start to get people to pay me a meager amount of money for it. (Thankfully some of those people still come back to me today for much better photography!) And if you think that I’m amazing today? Let me tell you what imposter syndrome feels like from time to time. I can have 3 great sessions and then one will be incredibly challenging due to lighting and I feel like a failure. Interestingly enough however, the clients love the work and I’m greatly relieved. Imposter syndrome is real.

So where am I today vs. “yesterday” and where are you? I want to hear back from my old followers of long ago, my foodie friends and family, and see how are YOU doing? Me? My oldest child has graduated and is in college now (wow!), I have a daughter who is now 16 and ready to learn driving, and a 5 year old who is an energizer bunny. I run a small photo business that I want to see grow further and take it to a new level.

This is our family photo from last year, since I had been too busy to get an updated one this year. This was taken by another photographer in my area and I am ever grateful to have it. If you want to see my work, head over to https://andrearobsonphotography.smugmug.com. And… if you know of someone who needs photos taken in the south Charlotte area, send them my way if they like my style of work.

Blessings to you all!


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