From time to time I venture onto TV, other websites, and public cooking performances.

TV recognition:

Fox News Rising – March 20, 2013: Healthy Eating

Fox News Rising – December 23, 2011: Cookie Decorating with Kids

Fox News Rising – July 6, 2011: Cooking with Kids

Fox 43 – May 27, 2011: Memorial Day Treats

Fox 43 – May 4, 2011: Elegant and simple Mother’s Day chocolates

Fox 43 – April 20, 2011: Easter Treats!

Fox 43 – March 3, 2011: Cat in the Hat Hat’s (website clip)

Fox 43 – Feburary 8, 2011:  Valentine\’s Day Clip

Featured in:

Tropical Foods Website

Ciao Florentina Magazine

The Charlotte Moms

Cooking performances:

YorKitchen – March 15, 2011:  Chocolate tasting, cake pop demo, working with pastry bag

YorKitchen – March 19, 2011:  Chocolate tastings, chocolate soup demo, and creating chocolate with children


Tropical Foods Chocolate Dipping Contest – Bloggers contest (Green Tea Oreo Cookies)

Southern Cooking Competition – “Best Dessert”

Charlotte Tweetup Bakeoff – “Best Irish Dessert”

CURRENTLY —> Private Classes held at a school.

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